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Video Editing

Our video editing service is custom-tailored for each individual clients' preferences and the footage we are given to work with. We provide all the services you need to get your video ready for your intended audience.

Our video editors are committed to 100% client satisfaction. Your video, done the way you want it - on budget, and on time.

Whether you want to create a DVD, a video file for viewing on a computer or your web site, or online on YouTube or Facebook, we can render your edited video in a variety of high quality formats to suit your needs.

Video editing with Cinemative Visual Media Solutions is a collaborative process, and no project is finished until you say it is! We'll conduct a minute by minute review of your video to gather and assemble only the best clips for the final production. We use cloud services to make it easy for our clients to view drafts, request revisions, and download the finished product.

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Video Capture
Unless your video is already in a digital format like .WMV, .MOV, or .AVI, the footage will need to be “captured” from it’s native format into a digital file. We can perform a digital capture from a variety of Flash Memory Cards, MicroDV tapes, 8mm tapes and film reels, VHS tapes, Digital8 tapes, VHS-C tapes, DVD’s, and others.

Format Conversion/Encoding
Some digital video files are incompatible with certain software programs and editors, requiring conversion to a compatible format. We can convert almost any video file to any format you need, including DivX, MPG, AVI, MOV, WMV, M4V, FLV, H264, WebM, Ogg, Flash, Apple ProRes, and more. Rendering/encoding your video output in the proper format makes them more compatible for use in Podcasts, Web, DVD, Computer, AppleTV, iOS, Mobile Devices, Tablets, Youtube, Vimeo, Revver, Facebook, etc…

Still Photo Animation
We can take still photos from digital cameras, printed photos, and photo negatives and place them in a video before animating them with camera movements that bring the photos to life. Whether it’s a slow zoom or fade, a pan from side-to-side, or a variety of other interesting effects, we have the tools to make it happen.

2.5D Photo Animations
Using still images, we can create the appearance of 3D by separating the foreground and background of a photo while animating the layers to give the appearance of a changing camera location.

Multi-camera Angles
If your event was filmed with more than one camera, we can synchronize the different angles and will create edits to switch between them, showing the best available shots at all times.

Instead of just one video angle, we can overlay another clip of video and enclose it in a “Picture-in-Picture” frame above the main video.

If part of the video has static or another reason that it should be cut out, we can crop or resize the viewable area of the original video.

Color correction
From fixing problems such as color casts and bad lighting, to making stylistic adjustments to saturation and hue; color correction helps create eye-popping imagery, and is an essential part of the video editing workflow.

Transitions are cuts, fades, zooms, and other effects that occur between 2 different video clips

Text, images, backgrounds, other video clips… you name it, we can float it and animate how it appears over the background video.

Background audio/music
Whether your video has sound or not, we can enhance the presentation with background music. For enhanced impact, we use Sonicfire Pro with can create customized music to match the mood of different scenes with different volumes and instrumentation… similar to a movie soundtrack.

If you need voice narration, we can record and edit the voice clips to go along with your video.

Green screen
We can create or edit footage filmed in front of a “green screen”, which allows the background to be replaced with another image or video.

We have the software to create and edit fancy Titles and credits at the beginning, middle, and end of your videos.

Chapter Markers
Whether you’re watching your video on a computer or DVD player, we can add chapter markers that will allow you to skip to pre-determined points in the video.

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